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24 December 2005 @ 01:43 pm
This one is short and sweat as everyone is as busy as I am.
Wishing everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
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04 December 2005 @ 11:08 pm
I haven't posted in a long time. So here it goes from home. I am just wanting to see if this is really working. Yeah I actually have a connection that is working!!!! Well it's late so nitie nite!
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17 October 2005 @ 11:40 am
I know it has been forever. I am on the phone with my brother and this was said(screamed)... "Can you do something with her I don't know what just make her stop" In reply to his remark this is how his wife replied. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!" OK so a little explanation to this. My brother has 4 kids, 3 girls and a boy and the next to youngest(Ava who is 3) was screaming her head off. I asked what is wrong with her and he said oh she just woke up. I think she rolled off the couch or something she just acts a little psycho when she first wakes up. In defense of my niece hell ya I am gonna be mad at the world if I just got woke up because I rolled off the couch.*laugh* I hate to say this but in my family this is so typical for the dad to respond this way!!! I mean for heaven sake he was on the phone he couldn't possibly do anything! My brother really is a great dad though but it was quite funny.
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18 April 2005 @ 08:47 am
The definition of wisdom from Webster.com

Main Entry: wis·dom
Pronunciation: 'wiz-d&m
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English wIsdOm, from wIs wise
1 a : accumulated philosophic or scientific learning : KNOWLEDGE b : ability to discern inner qualities and relationships : INSIGHT c : good sense : JUDGMENT d : generally accepted belief
2 : a wise attitude or course of action
3 : the teachings of the ancient wise men

The above definition has nothing, I mean nothing to with my teeth.
My wisdom teeth hurt so bad. Sometimes I wonder why are body functions the way it does. Why didn't we just get our wisdom teeth when we get all of our other teeth? (because by now I wouldn't have remembered it, of course I don't remember cutting any of my other teeth) AND then to have them cut out because you don't need them. This type of stuff always puzzles me. No wonder a child that is teething is cranky, whiny, has runny nose, diarrhea,... etc. Boy I wish I had known that when Dirk was teething I probably would have been a little more sympathetic. So, I finally go to the dentist and got a referral to an oral surgeon. Then one more obstacle that this money hungry world puts in front of me. It is way expensive, I already knew this, but still with dental insurance the price is ridiculous. This all just irritates the hell out of me. I guess what I am trying to say is for some teeth you don't need and the pain that you endure and the the cost to get them removed(the only way to stop the pain). Why?
PLUS who named them WISDOM teeth?
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24 February 2005 @ 01:24 pm
It has been a while since I have posted. So here it goes.
Friday Feb. 18-Decorated brothers wedding place had to deal with his moping bride to be.

Sat. Feb. 19
7:30- Went to Walmart bought me and Dirk dress shoes.
9:30- Finished Decorating
11:00- Got hair done, OMG my new sister-n-law was supposed to make the appointments considering I wasn't even in the wedding until Thursday night yeah 2 days before
*Crazy* I already know. Anyway when we go to the hair shop to our surprise we had no apppointment. And believe me the people there weren't even gonna offer to get us in..... So luckily we got in where my mom gets her hair done.
1:00- Got back to my place didn't like my hair took all of the 1001 bobby pins out and brushed it out and just wore it down, it looked OK just kind of pissed cause I just threw 30 dollars down the drain.
2:30- Helped my mom setup all the food and listen to her be a perfectionist about this crap. It was time for us to quit working together because we would have really killed each other if it had of lasted much longer.
So it all came together and finally it was
4:00- The wedding
6:00- Clean Up Clean Up everybody Clean Up. (OK sorry for the "Barney" antidote) Thank God for my family that hung around and helped us clean up. Cause I was exhausted.
7:00 Finally got to go home!!!

Sunday Feb. 20- Slept to 11:30 while my son fed himself and watched whatever and did whatever. I was watching him subconsciously.
The phone rang it was my mom. Inviting me over for lunch. So I went to my mom's and ate leftover wedding food and cake.
Come home and did absolutely nothing.

Monday...Stayed home Flex day. Dirk went to all day afterschool care. If that makes any sense. SO I had a day to myself.

The rest of the week has been a blur.....
Work go home, cook, yell at my child,
eat, yell at my child,
do his homework, yell at my child,
put him in the tub, send him to bed,
watch American Idol, and somewhere in there I went to aerobics on Tuesday.
Its not that I am really a mean parent it's I always feel like I have to raise my voice to get him to do what I say and this after the 5th time of telling him to something.
Stubbornness I guess he gets it honest. Can I really blame him?
Today I have worked myself to the bone... I hate programming today...
11 February 2005 @ 09:31 am
TGIF!!! This week has been going and going and going,,, and now it is almost gone!!
*CLAP* *CHEER*. And another bonus no aerobics in the morning. Yeah in observance of Valentines Day :)
Oh did I mention I do aerobics 3 times a week. For this session we are doing a core workout with the big ball. It is a great workout, and last night I took my sister-n-law who is training for the Derby mini-marathon, Only 13 miles, ONLY!! By all means that is a heck of a run!!! Don't get the wrong impression I am not the least bit skinny or in-shape...trying to get there but still have along way to go. Hey it is time for myself, no job, no kid, what women doesn't need that?!!! Why is it that the week goes by so fast, but the weekend seems as if it comes and goes... Its like I go to bed Friday night and wakeup and it is already Monday morning... Man that really SUCKS. But it is life I guess I have learned to deal with it. Another good reason it is Friday.
09 February 2005 @ 09:49 am
Yes, This is my first time ever writing or posting anything on a live journal. Why, I don't know. To tell you the truth I didn't really know they exsisted. I thought it was kind of silly that people want to put there every day lives out on the web for anyone to read. But the more I read and the communities I see, I think it is probably good for the mind and soul after I have thought about it.
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